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Root Vegetable Chowder

I absolutely love chowder.  According to my chef husband, a soup must only include potatoes to be called a chowder.  Okay, but in my book, chowder must also include cream.  That’s right, Manhattan Clam Chowder lovers–I said your chowder was … Continue reading

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Fire Roasted Peppers

Last Saturday our clan took a trip to the last Farmer’s Market of the year.  We were perusing the produce of many local farmers when the peppers of one caught our eye.  There were some beautiful red bell peppers on … Continue reading

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Fish-Stuffed Sweet Bell Peppers

The stuffing for these bell peppers was inspired by the Ecuadorean soup Chupa de Pescada, literally meaning Suck the Fish.  My husband has worked with many Ecuadoreans and tasted many variations on this soup.  The key ingredients in Chupa de … Continue reading

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Apple Stuffed Blackened Pork Chops

This is one of my favorites. I’ve done it with blackened pork chops this time around, I’ve also done it with a light brushing of molasses on the chops, a solid sprinkle of jerk seasoning and then roasting them in … Continue reading

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Playing with Fire

Today’s post is about something very near and dear to my heart:  Fire.  Fire is good, fire is your friend, fire can solve most of life’s problems, but above all fire is essential to good cooking.  It may seem obvious, … Continue reading

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Preserving Fresh Produce by Freezing

There are several good ways to preserve local fruits and vegetables through the colder months–root cellars, canning, drying and freezing.  Each technique has its pros and cons, some are particularly suited to preserving particular sorts of produce.  Freezing, for example, … Continue reading

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How to Grow Garlic

When most garden goods are nearing the end of their annual life, there is one that is just getting started–garlic!  Garlic?  You might ask, why should I plant that?  After all, it’s cheap and small compared with other vegetables so … Continue reading

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Pea Shoot & Tomato Soup

Pea shoots are an often over-looked garden good.  They have a delicious, mild pea flavor with just the right amount of crunch.  Pea shoots may strike you as a spring crop, and indeed, they may be if you have plenty … Continue reading

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Carrot, Ginger, Beet Cake

I suppose if there were such a thing as a healthy cake, this would be it–this cake has as much vegetables as flour in it.  My husband and I came up with this recipe while trying to find a new … Continue reading

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