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I think of Cassoulet as a gussied up version of pork and beans.  If you are French, you may not agree with this.  Sorry.  Cassoulet is beans slow cooked with at least a couple types of pork and duck confit. … Continue reading

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Duck Confit

A good friend of ours once described bacon as a “transcendental experience of deliciousness.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Duck confit is the closest you can get to that without using a pig.  Fatty duck legs and thighs packed in a … Continue reading

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Hearty Meatballs

Beef heart is one of the greatest, most digestible sources of iron you can find, the trick is getting a one year old to eat it.  Enter the Meatball!!  We took heart and combined it with beef and pork to … Continue reading

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A winter soup for dreaming of spring

I must confess, I made this soup several weeks ago when it was still February and cold and dreary.  Now we are a couple of days into spring so I thought I’d better hurry up and post this before its … Continue reading

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