Welcome to the blog of Cockroach and Pretty Bird!  We are often asked for a recipe for this or how to make that.  So we created this blog–a repository for our favorite recipes, gardening notes, and cooking techniques.

Cockroach has spent nearly half his life working in professional kitchens–many fine and others not-so-fine.  He is also a fiction writer, co-founder of nimbus theatre company and comic book aficionado.

Cockroach’s wife, whom he calls Pretty Bird, is a microbiologist.  She loves food almost as much as her husband–growing it, cooking it, and of course, eating it!

We live in a small mountain town with our toddler and grouchy old dog.  We strive to eat seasonally and locally and dream of the day we produce our own food on our own farm.

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All recipes on this blog are our own, unless otherwise noted.  If you post any of our content elsewhere, please give credit where credit is due, and link to the original article.

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